Contributor guidelines

Contributor guidelines aka Joining Agape.


Thank you for your interest in joining the Agape community! We truly appreciate it. Whether you are looking for open science-related advice or want to share your expertise you found the right place. The Agape community welcomes everyone who shares our vision and wants to practise open science. You can help us to build an open, welcoming, inspiring, diverse, inclusive, and healthy community. Therefore, we require all involved to adhere to code of conduct in order to help us create a safe and positive community experience for all.

How to join

Our community uses the Mattermost communication platform. It is the quickest and easiest way to find answers to your questions, learn about useful tools, and stay in the loop with updates on events and projects. You are most welcome to join. We will send you an invite link if you email us your name and email address to To ensure you hear back from us as early as possible and to receive an email with instructions on how to add the Agape logo into your email signature should you wish so, please use “Joining Agape”. All personal data will be treated as confidential.

How to become a star member

To obtain the rank of a star member means getting recognition for your contributions to open science and Agape. To become a star member, you should gain at least 5 points for open science-related activities, at least 2 out of which must be related to Agape. You can gain multiple points for the same type of activity.


Activity Agape-related Value Proof to send
Pre-register a study or research project no 1 point DOI
Publish a preprint of your study no 1 point DOI
Co-author* an open science-related article no 1 point DOI
Publish your DMP no 1 point DOI
Post a blog post on open science yes or no, depending on where you post 1 point screenshot, email confirmation, etc.
Create an open science-related infographic and share it with others on Agape social media yes, please use #agapeopenscience 0.5 point screenshot, SVG file
Organise an open science-related event/workshop/lecture/webinar yes or no 1-2 points share info on our communication platform prior to the event/workshop/lecture/webinar
Contribution to GitHub, OSF or similar repositories yes 1 point share a link or DOI
Your imagination should not be limited by these examples. If you are not sure if your activity would be rewarded with point(s) you can always confirm this with us via email. Of course, gaining points is a good motivation but you should proceed with your activity independently of our decision.

* If you are the first author contact us to collect more points.

When you collect 5 or more points, please email proof of each to and use “Star member” in the Subject of your email. Note: Points can be awarded retrospectively, e.g.: if you co-authored an open science article that was published before you joined Agape.

Once the core team evaluates your contributions a member of the core team will contact you to announce the outcome. If you have successfully gained at least 5 points you will officially become a star member. You will be emailed instructions on how to add a Star Member Agape logo into your email signature and on how to send us info for your star profile on the Agape website should you wish so.

That’s not all folks

We always want to hear from those with specific expertise or interests, such as web development, illustrations, social media management, project management, event organising, etc. If you are willing to share your skills and dedicate any amount of your time to the Agape community we will be excited to hear from you.

The same applies to anyone who would like to propose any open science-related activities, projects, and collaborations that we can work on together.

Get in touch with us via email or social media

Facebook Agape Open-Science,

Twitter @AgapeOpenSci,

Instagram Agape.Open.Science,

or on LinkedIn Agape Open Science.

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January 2, 2021
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